Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS)

Campus Transit

TAPS provides two daytime bus routes- the Loop and the Upper Campus, and four nighttime bus routes- the Loop, the East Night Core, the West Night Core, and Night Owl. The Loop bus departs from the base of campus and runs in two directions around the main roads of campus. The Upper Campus bus goes around the most populated areas of campus and turns around in the East and West Remote Parking Lots. The Night Cores get even closer to residences than the Loop buses in order to provide additional safety at night, but mostly stay to their respective sides of campus. The Night Owl provides transit service between downtown Santa Cruz and the campus late at night. The Night Owl exclusively serves UCSC students, faculty, and staff. All campus buses are free for everyone, but a valid UCSC ID must be presented to use the Night Owl bus.

Santa Cruz Metro buses also run around campus and along different routes through the city of Santa Cruz to the Metro Station located in downtown. Transportation fees are included in the fees paid to the university, therefore presenting a valid UCSC ID will get a rider on a Metro Bus without having to pay the ride fee each time they get on the bus. Visit the campus transit (UCSC shuttles) page to learn more.