Supporting Your Student from a Distance

UC Santa Cruz is an amazing school, and you and your student made the right choice. You're not really letting them go, but allowing them to grow.

Tips for Making the Most of College. Remind your student to:

Symptoms of Trouble

  1. Not involved in any extracurricular activities or paid work.
  2. Not a member of a study group for even a single course.
  3. Only studying alone.
  4. Unwilling to seek help or share problems with an adviser.
  5. Poor time management.
  6. Not adapting study skills for college/thinking high school study skills are sufficient or appropriate for college. Instead, they should be spending sustained time on coursework, not 30 minutes here and there. Also, with many college courses, the goal is synthesis of material, not only regurgitation of facts.
  7. Taking only large introductory courses in a given quarter.
    Their first year, student should explore various academic interest; take a mix of classes, not only large introductory courses.

Advice for Parents/Guardians

Online resource:
10 Tips for Parents of College Students Transition to College: Separation and Change for Parents and Students