Principles of Community

At UC Santa Cruz, we strive to promote civility, professionalism, honesty, cooperation, and fairness while creating a long-lasting impact on the student body. 

We embrace diversity and encourage students to be open, just, purposeful, disciplined, caring, and celebrative - these are known as our Principles of Community.

We strive to be:

Sustainability is a key part of our campus and culture at UC Santa Cruz.

Students, faculty, and staff at UC Santa Cruz have an environmental ethos - as Banana Slugs, we work hard to reduce our waste and recycle, conserve energy & water, purchase sustainable products & food, and hold social & environmental justice as crucial to our robust sustainability movement.

Keeping waste out of the trash and, in turn, out of the landfill is very important at UC Santa Cruz. Learn more about our Zero Waste goals and how to properly sort your waste on campus!

Here are two easy actions you can help your student take which will make them more sustainable before they even arrive on campus:

  1. Help your student coordinate the sharing of any appliances (mini-fridge, microwave, printer, etc.) with their roommates; and,

  2. Help your student remove and recycle all packaging material at home (for printers, computers, etc.) prior to coming to campus.

First-generation students

UCSC welcomes our first-generation students to campus. Currently 37% of our entering first year students will be the first in their families to attend college. We know there is a lot of preparation to get ready. We are here to help.

Our first-gen students are going places! Read the stories of our many first-gen staff, faculty, and alumni.